Wins by edition Edit

Edition Country Points
01 Germany 322

History Edit

Hipervision Song Contest was born in 2019, so much countries will be debut in the first edition, 27 in total, and in the second edition celebrate in Berlin, 47 countries.

The first winner of Hipervision was Aly Ryan with Wear Your Love, from Germany, with 322 points. Now, is to be anuncied the winner of the Hipervision 2.

The Big 5
In the second edition, As 47 countries participated, it was decided that 6 countries will automatically go to the final without going through a semifinal, those 6 countries would be the Big 5 and the host of the edition.

Members of the Big 5 by edition
Edition Country 1 Country 2 Country 3 Country 4 Country 5 Host
Not a Big 5 in 01 Edit
02 Albania Kosovo Poland Spain Venezuela Germany

Hipervision´s most big spin off : Junior Hipervision Edit

Junior Hipervision Song Contest or JHSC is the bigger spin-off of the contest Hipervision.

Edn. Winner Points Runner-up Points
#01 Sweden 221 Ukraine 199
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